About the piece:

How does our body play a role in how we experience the world around us? This is the core question to the work of choreographer Loïc Perela. With HASHTAG, Perela explores the boundaries between watching, engaging and losing yourself in something. He intertwines virtual images and daily reality  and plays with our perception of distance: between human and digital display, performer and audience, mind and body.

 With the concept for HASHTAG Loïc Perela won the prize of the Dutch Dance Festival in 2015.

“With HASHTAG Loïc Perela celebrates and honours the strength and vulnerability of the body and invites the audience to experience this themselves.” The jury of the Dutch Dance Festival


Choreografie en concept
: Loïc Perela Performers: Johannes Lind, Bilal Bachir en Maaike Van de Westeringh Sound designer: Miguelàngel Clerc. Licht ontwerp: Loïc Perela, Edwin van Steenbergen Techniek: Edwin van Steenbergen, Maarten van Dorp Dramaturgie: Merel Heering. Artistiek advies: Kristin de Groot  Fotografie: Charlotte Brand. Trailer: Paul Sixta Creative producer: Christina Giannelia. Productie: Dansateliers, in co-productie met De Nederlandse Dansdagen. Met ondersteuning van: CDC La Briqueterie Parijs, CSD Bassano del Grappa, The Abron Art Center NY en ZigZagCity Rotterdam. Mede mogelijk gemaakt door: Gemeente Rotterdam, Fonds Podiumkunsten (Nieuwe Makersregeling), Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie en Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds / Fonds Dance Works Rotterdam. Met dank aan: Keez Duyves, Dirk Sonneveld